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Special Session

  • Day Session No. Session title
    Day1 SS1-1 SS1-1: Virtual Reality in Architecture
    SS1-2 SS1-2: Smart Work & Smart Space
    SS1-3 SS1-3: Digital Design & Fabrication
    SS1-4 SS1-4: Smart City as a New Urban Platform
    Day2 SS2-1 SS2-1: Changes for Housing in Korea & Urban Development in Korea
    SS2-2 SS2-2: Block Housing & Small Scale Housing
    SS2-3 SS2-3: Public Building as a Catalyst for a Change
    SS2-4 SS2-4: Urban Regeneration
    SS2-5 SS2-5:
    Part 1: The Traditional Culture of Southeast Asian Housing
    Part 2: Commonality and Diversity of Southeast Asian Urban Housing
    SS2-6 SS2-6: Housing Culture in Seoul over the past, present, and future
    Day3 SS3-1 SS3-1: Kinetic Surface Design
    SS3-2 SS3-2: Possibilities of Water Front Buildings
    SS3-4 SS3-4:
    Part1. Sustainable Renewal Policy For Rural Village
    Part2. Innovative Ideas For Buildings In Rural Area
    Others SS0 SS0: Open Building 
    SS1 SS1: New City Development Strategy for Developing Countries